Join me, new friend.

If you wanna see more pics of me in and out of this magnificent floral shirt,    connect with me on Instagram   .

If you wanna see more pics of me in and out of this magnificent floral shirt, connect with me on Instagram.

"Oh, hey, didn't see you there."

Welcome to our corner of the Internet, new friend.

I'm Matt, and let me just begin by stating how pumped I am that you are about to join Jerry and I (he's the guy behind me, but not sure his name is actually Jerry) as we sip on these delicious fruit-cocktails. 

The fact that you wanna chill with me and the MCS Community (and Jerry), out of all the other things you could be doing on this vast World Wide Web of ours, truly means the world to me. You could be watching cat videos, but, instead, you're an intelligent human being and are curious about what I have to offer you.

Hopefully I won't disappoint.

Real quick, to sum me up: Iā€™m a huge fitness, nutrition, and psychology nerd who graduated with Honors from the University of Kentucky with a Bachelor's degree in Dietetics & Human Nutrition. In 2016, at 22, I won my pro card to become an NGA Pro Natural Bodybuilder and in 2018 I earned my title as a Registered Dietitian.

Wearing a mankini and being oiled up is fun and all, but my full-time job right now is providing you with the best information possible when it comes to training, nutrition, and mindset as an online fitness guy via coaching, social media, and my blog posts

Just like you, and many others, I'm still trying to figure out the best way to make myself happy, financially free, and have an impact on every human being I come in contact with. It just so happens that online coaching and fitness have been my vehicles to reach this lifetime goal. I honestly can't see myself doing anything else. 

The truth about why all this fitness stuff matters

Without the weight room, I would not be the person I am today. Period.

Besides that being cliche as hell, it's the absolute truth. The life lessons I have learned from being involved in fitness are endless.

But, the most important life lesson it has taught me? 

The relentless pursuit of progress. 

Progress means you are moving forward. Progress means you are getting ahead. Progress means you are alive... for now.

The extraordinary thing about the human body is it's ability to adapt to anything you throw at it. However, if you're trying to gain muscle and lose fat (which, I'm assuming that's why you're still here reading with Jerry and I), the body will resist against you unless you get out of your comfort zone and force it to change; we're genetically engineered to only want three things: enough food and water to survive, and to have sex. Not get jacked. 

I found this out quickly after I tried just about everything you can think of: yo-yo dieting, random ebooks, Internet workout plans, endless supplements, and even contemplated steroids (spoiler: never used them). 

The list of things that do work: effort, consistency, and a sustainable plan where you're held accountable to execute. 

Not sexy, not marketable, and definitely not always fun.

But you know what is fun?

Fucking results.

Why listen to me (and Jerry)? 

*sips fruity alcoholic nectar with zero shame*

You may have noticed by now this isn't your typical fitness website and that I'm not your typical fitness person.

I don't have ads all over my site (nor will I ever), I'm not trying to throw shitty eBooks and *exclusive* offers to your inbox from the second you open the page, and MY SITE ISN'T COVERED IN SUPER ANNOYING CAPITAL LETTERS SCREAMING AT YOU.

You may also notice my blog articles don't consist of solely diet and exercise content. There's plenty of that in many of them, but I like to focus on way more than that.

As I stated before, I'm a huge psychology, philosophy, and mindset nerd, so I love incorporating those subjects into my blog posts, too. Mainly to scratch my own itch, but more so because I think a lot of the "tactics" of fitness and nutrition are well-known (no way, you should probably eat more vegetables and less donuts?) and it's usually your own brain that is holding you back.

Unfortunately, there's a lot of garbage out there on the Interwebz, so I wanna do all the heavy lifting for you (fitness puns, get it?) and be your #1 go-to source when you have a question on this kinda stuff.

I have devoted the past 7+ years (about a third of my life; I'm 23 at the time of writing this) to learning something new about training, nutrition, and/or mindset for gaining muscle and losing fat every single day. 

On this day, April 2nd, 2015, I become a NGA Pro Natural Bodybuilder.Walking the walk is important to me.

On this day, April 2nd, 2015, I become a NGA Pro Natural Bodybuilder.Walking the walk is important to me.

But what I'm most proud of, is the countless people I've had the privilege to help through fitness. Whether that be past clients, current clients, family, friends, or just random people through social media. 

Helping people is in my DNA. My mother and father are the kindest, nicest, and hardest working people I know and it's my aim to reciprocate my gratitude for what I've been blessed with into each and every interaction I come across. 

Whether through my blog posts, through an email, or just a simple comment: I'm here to serve you and make your life better. Period.

I appreciate you, love you, and thank you for your time and attention.

Cheers, and welcome to the site. :)

Enough about me. Here's a free gift.

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