Find Your Escapism

After talking and listening to some of the top people in the fitness industry, one of the most recurring themes I've found is that most of the elite lifters/physique athletes don't lift weights anymore simply to look better or get stronger. 

These vain reasons are likely still there but they aren't the main drivers. To me, and many others, lifting weights is a form of escapism. 

All your issues, problems, and life stressors disappear during a heavy set of squats or bench press. That "void" is one of the greatest highs you can experience.

Everybody has 'demons' inside of them that they get out through some form of escapism whether that is lifting, running, writing, listening to music, etc. 

Lifting has always been slightly zen to me and it means a lot more than just trying to get biceps or abs. If my body never changed from lifting, I would still do it because it helps me push through. Through life, through stress, through anxiety, through worry, through many things. 

Find your escapism.