What is "Fitspiration" and Why Does It Suck?

If you follow almost any type of fitness or nutrition account on social media, you've probably seen tons of posts with some kind of "hardcore" and motivational "beast-mode" type pic that makes you feel somewhat uncomfortable or possibly even empowered. Usually it is the former because the pic likely has a half naked person on it with sweat rolling down their face or some sort of heroic looking lion gazing off into the distance with blood on it's mouth.

This is called fitspiration

I love when people are motivated and driven to reach their goals, I really do.

What I don't like is when people belittle others for being different than they are.

I don't like the condescending memes that tries to make people feel guilty for not having six-pack abs or militant self-discipline.

I don't like people who think they are superior to others because they treat their bodies like a "temple" and meal prep and workout six days a week. 

Now, am I saying people shouldn't be super self-disciplined and work towards their own goals if that's what they truly want to do? Not at all. It's only when they start to treat others badly for not living the same way they do is when it really upsets me. 

As the cliche saying goes, "everyone started somewhere". It's absolutely the truth.

All it takes is one insult to someone who is already self-conscious about their physique to not come back to the gym for a few weeks. More importantly, though, it also only takes one compliment to someone new to the gym to boost their self-confidence and drive them harder than they ever have. 

My one challenge to you is to do the latter.

I promise you it feels way better and it has the potential to profoundly impact someone's life for the better.