What Makes a "Healthy" Meal?

What makes a "healthy" meal?

A few things that run through my mind before I make a meal:

1. What have I eaten today already and what do I plan on eating later? 
2. What am I craving/feel like eating right now?
3. How can I combine the foods to make sure I have enough protein (at least 25g), carbohydrates, fats, and fiber/micronutrients for that whole meal?

Foods should not be labeled as "healthy" or "unhealthy" because most foods are okay in moderation. If you eat an apple with chocolate, is it still healthy? Well it depends on what you've already eaten that day. If you've had fast food and ate high calorie foods all day, it might not be a good choice to eat that chocolate with the apple. But if you've barely eaten anything all day, that apple and (some) chocolate could be okay. Context is important.

If you want a great video on the importance of food selection and more detail on this subject click HERE.